Justice Information Sharing

The JusticeExperts are the perfect hybrid of experienced justice information practitioners whose extensive public sector work in justice integration projects can be combined and customized for your justice and intelligence integration and project management needs.


  • Strategic Planning for Justice/Intel Systems

  • NIEM Integration Planning and Execution

  • N-DEx Integration and Reporting

  • NIBRS (NCS-X) Integration and Reporting

  • Fusion Center Analysis and Planning

  • NSI/SAR Planning and Execution

  • FirstNet Planning and Management

  • IT Assessments (IV & V)

  • Readiness for Integration Assessments

  • Grant Writing

  • Requirements Gathering and RFP Preparation

  • Program/Project Management



We provide expert services in all aspects of criminal justice and public safety planning, assessments and information sharing - - from organizational and management planning and training, to IT assessments, project design, program management and implementation services. 



We seek to provide the justice and intelligence communities with the most sound and pragmatic assistance, planning and services, while delivering great value within nominal time and expenditure.


JusticeExperts is a community of practitioners and consultants, who have banded together in order to provide a broad depth of experience and services to our justice clients. Our members are independent consultants or full-time justice practitioners who are available for limited engagements 

Justice and Public Safety Planning & Strategy Consulting

JusticeExperts provides consulting assistance in the following areas:


  • Organizational Planning/Restructuring

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Studies

  • Regional Public Safety Service Delivery

  • Evaluation of Organizational Culture

  • Department Morale Benchmarking

  • Equipment and Technology Assessment/Cost Analysis

  • Operation and Maintenance Cost Analysis

  • Fire Services Mass Mobilization Planning

  • Regulatory Compliance Planning

  • Homeland Security Plans

  • Business and Operational Plans

  • Non-profit (501c3) Strategic Planning




Strategic Planning for Grants, Cooperative Agreements, Foundation Funding:


Grant Research and Eligibility Analysis - Grant Investment Justification Development - Proposal Strategy, Development and Coordination - Legislative Analysis for Congressionally Directed and Discretionary Funding - Grant Writing, Editing and Grant Reviews - Grant Project Management - Grant Management Policy and Procedure Development - Grant Pre-Audit to Ensure Regulatory and Programmatic Compliance - Grant Program Restructuring/Extensions - Federal and State Government Affairs Support - Research and Analysis 


Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting:


Primary Research Focus Groups / Interviews - Secondary Research Database Query - Literature Search - Survey Development/Database Design and Management - Pilot Program Management


Training, Workshops & Programs:


Grant Writing and Management -  Business/Program Planning -  Emergency Response Planning and Exercises - NIMS/ICS Seminars, Planning and Training - Vulnerability Assessments Traffic Safety - Leadership in Police Organizations


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