We seek to provide the justice and intelligence information sharing communities with the most sound and pragmatic assistance, planning and services, while delivering great value with nominal time and expenditure.We seek to provide the justice and intelligence information sharing communities with the most sound and pragmatic assistance.  Some of our past projects are featured below:ance, planning and services, while delivering great value with nominal time and expenditure.
Office of Directorate of National Intelligence (ODNI)
National Information Sharing Environment (ISE)


JusticeExperts served as a consultant to the Concept of Operations team for the ODNI project to create the National Information Sharing Environment (ISE). Working with ISE partners such as DOJ, FBI, CIA, DoD, DOS and others, the team created the vision and strategy for establishing a single enterprise plan for communication of intelligence information across all U.S. agencies at the Federal, State, Tribal and Local levels.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


JusticeExperts staff served as part of a consulting team assisting the FBI - CJIS Division in defining the requirements and a detailed Concept of Operations for their information sharing program N-DEx. The vision of N-DEx is to enable the sharing of complete, accurate, timely, and useful information across jurisdictional boundaries and to provide new investigative tools that enhance the nation’s ability to fight crime and terrorism.

Office of the U.S. Attorney General/Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)
Information Sharing Initiative (GLOBAL)


JusticeExperts has provided technical consultanting to the GLOBAL Security Working Group and the Security Architecture Subcommittee developing standards and concepts in authentication, authorization and the incorporation of security frameworks to include models of Federated Identity and Privilege Management, and the use of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). JE has also provided assistance to the Global Infrastructure and Standards Working Group in aid of the development of the Global Reference Architecture (GRA) based on SOA concepts, and has provided facilitation to their subcommittee on Policy and Management.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation - CIO
NIEM Information Sharing Program


JusticeExperts served as a subject matter expert and provided solution architecture and guidance for the CDCR NIEM Data Exchange Development project.  Using our planning and development activities, CDCR used their enterprise data model to determine over 1500 data elements required for the corrections community that did not exist in the NIEM model.  Working with the NIEM PMO and the XSTF, our consultants worked with national business and technical committees and organizations to vet and deploy these new data objects and concepts into the v.3.2 release of NIEM, while assisting with the architecture and deployment of a NIEM information sharing platform for the department to use and manage for both internal and external information sharing.

State of New Jersey – State CJIS Policy Advisory Committee
JusticeExperts consulted with the State of New Jersey LPS, State Police and the NJ State Integration Council to develop a statewide Strategic Plan and RFP for continuing integration and CJIS and Intelligence sharing.
U.S. Department of Justice - Office of the CIO
Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program (LEISP)


In 2003, the Department of Justice launched a national initiative to create a national information sharing architecture for federal, state and local law enforcement. JusticeExperts staff provided Subject Matter Expertise and technical consulting to the Architecture, Standards, Policy and ConOps committees of the LEIS Project team. The consulting team worked with the DOJ’s office of the CIO on LEISP technical development and programs and created the initial Concept of Operations (ConOps) for the program.

California Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) – NIEM Integration
JusticeExperts provided consultanting services to the California AOC, serving as a technical SME's assisting with the implementation of an integration broker, specifically modeling all the information exchanges, creating an enterprise XML data model for the broker, and rendering both a NIEM-compliant exchange schema, and over 100 IEPD exchange sets for testing and deployment for data interchange between local courts and criminal justice agencies.

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